We use environmentally responsible manufacturing and packaging processes that preserve resources, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our quality of life.

 - Paul Keiswetter, President & CEO


 Our packaging comes from a company that is Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certified and makes managed forestry a priority.

  • Our compact packaging contains 40% recycled content and water-based ink.

    • Together these features reduce waste and preserve resources.
  • Our boxes are “rightsized” for our products to optimize transportation, making them lighter and more space-efficient.

  • Since we also consume less energy when shipping products to our customers, we are further reducing the carbon footprint.


UV cured inks offer a number of advantages towards reducing environmental impact at the press.

  • UV inks do not emit harmful fumes (VOCs) the way solvent-based inks do
    • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • UV ink is cured through ultraviolet rays, not solvents or heat
    • Reduced energy & fossil fuel usage
  • Due to low viscosity of UV ink, less ink is needed
  • Paper printed with UV inks are recyclable and repulpable


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